Posted · Jul 03, 2022

ARAMCO Management Visit to PROMECH

ARAMCO Management Visit to PROMECH

We are glad to inform you that we recently had a visit from Aramco Drilling top Management team visited PROMECH on 27th June 2022.

(Photo -  Aramco delegates with PROMECH Management team)

PROMECH received the list of attendees from Saudi Aramco as below:

AbdulHameed Al-Rushaid, Vice President, SAUDI ARAMCO

Khaled Al-Abdulgader, General Manager, Southern Area D&WO Operations

Najeeb Al-Abdulrahman, Chief Drilling Engineer (A)

Nayef Al-Ghafel, Manager, D&WO Services Dept

Khalifah Al-Amri, Manager, Drilling Technical Dept

Mohammed Al-Mukhlifi, Drilling Engineering Consultant


Mr. Khalid Al Zamil, Zamil group chairman and board members of PROMECH graced the occasion. On Behalf of Mr. AbdulHameed Al-Rushaid, Vice President, Saudi Aramco the delegation was lead by Mr. Khaled Al-Abdulgader, Drilling Department head, General Manager, Southern Area D&WO Operations and was joined by other dignitaries from Saudi Aramco. The event started with welcoming of the dignitaries followed by the presentation, quick facility tour and concluding remarks and discussion. It was primarily focussed on the encouraging Saudi OEM and manufacturing companies like PROMECH to further manufacturing efforts and to support business outreach.


It was indeed a very successful and memorable event for PROMECH and a major milestone, getting recognition from ARAMCO team which expressed the satisfaction with the state of progress and offered to bring in more collaborations to PROMECH in order to spread out the business further. The team was thoroughly impressed and we are very happy to receive the encouraging remarks made by Mr. Khaled Al- Abdulgader, who said the following,

 “ We were happy visiting you and watching all services that you provided, it is a pride of the country.  Wishing PROMECH more improvement and success”.

This meeting has helped PROMECH brand improve multifold and got us more exposure and right recognition in the market as the first SAUDI High pressure Valves OEM. We thank the entire delegation of SAUDI ARAMCO and look forward to work on the guidelines and generous support offered.